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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Trident Distilleries Kaffir Lime ProtoGin 250ml

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Featuring: β-citronella, the citrusy molecule

Dr Harris’s Notes: Here I dialled back on the roots and bark to lighten up the palette.
Kaffir leaves are extremely flavourful so we require very little in the gin to be the star.
Kaffir can also have an intense heavy/woody flavour, to help offset this I added
orange peel for a slightly more citrusy twist.

Juniper and coriander are still the main components of a good gin base.

Botanicals (Per 50L of Gin)
550g Juniper Berries
250g Coriander Seed
20g Cassia Bark
10g Angelica Root
10g Orange Peel
10g Kaffir Leaf

Pro•to•Gin [prəʊ təʊ ʤɪn]
1            An experimental range of gin developed by microbiologist Dr Harris.
2            A locally crafted and great tasting gin.
3            The lovechild of procrastination, dedication, and kiwi ingenuity.

42% abv