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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

"The Otago" 30 Year Old - Commemorative Casks 350mL

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Scotland, Ireland, and Japan have matured single malt to 30 years and beyond in recent years, now New Zealand is only the 4th nation to release a Single Malt Whisky with the benefit of three decades in American Oak.

This precious liquid began in the rich soils and barley fields of North Otago. After massaging at the hands of proud Maltexo maltsters, Dunedin’s distilling team married the snowmelt waters into the ‘uisga beatha’ (Water of Life). They let their copper stills work magic on the vapours, before laying down the recaptured liquids, to rest and quietly mature in American Oak barrels.

Since 1987, The Otago Commemorative Cask has been softly sweetening into the syrupy and silky flavours of rich malt, divine fruit and a buttery mouth-feel that leaves lasting flavours of the South Island. In their 30 years, these barrels have journeyed from Willowbank in North Dunedin, to further maturation in the Taieri Valley, before an enlightened relocation to enjoy the seaside influence of Oamaru’s crashing coastline.

Experience this for yourself and see how thirty long years of careful maturation are reflected in this beautifully delicate New Zealand Whisky.

Raise a glass, and join with us in celebrating the rich history and the exciting future ahead, for New Zealand Whisky.