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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Teaninich 11 Years Old Batch 2 ( That Boutique - y Whisky Company ) 500ml

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Built in 1817, Teaninich is a Highland single malt distillery. It’s quite unique-y really, instead of a mash tun, it uses a filter press to extract the sweet sugars from the malt. There is much mystery surrounding the distillery, so we did as all Boutique-y’s do and went to town on the label – see below.

Based on a true love story from many years ago about Captain Hugh Munro (founder of this distillery). He was shot in the head behind his eyes but, he survived! Unsurprisingly, he lost his eyesight as a result. His sweetheart was forbidden from marrying him due to his condition, so she married someone else. Despite their differing paths, she continued to love him and as her dying wish, visited the church to see him one last time.

Overall: Fresh and crisp. This would be forgettable at 40% ABV, but here it’s nicely present and active. By color and flavor it’s clear this is from ex-bourbon, likely a refill cask. It shows the raw expression of Teaninich, which is cereal-driven but adorned with plenty of fresh vibrant green fruit. A fun dram, and a great way to experience Teaninich if you haven’t before. -