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20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.
20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.

Teeling Whiskey Explorers Edition 15 Year Old Mugi Shochu Japanese Edition Whiskey 700ml

Comes Bundled with a Green Teeling Glencairn Glass for a Limited Time

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A fusion of Japanese and Irish cultures! We are delighed to announce our newest addition to the Explorers Series with the Teeling 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition! This innovative expression pushes the boundaries of Irish Whiskey craftsmanship by incorporating none other than rare Mugi Shochu casks. The final result is an extraordinary blend of Irish and Japanese influences.


Each release of the Explorers Series is packed with innovation and bold thinking to create unique Irish Whiskey styles. The Explorers Series, in particular, embodies this whiskey-making philosophy and celebrates the brave, intrepid Irish explorers who have travelled the world to make their mark. Each Explorers Edition release embraces a nation’s character and personality by using unique casks or spirit types that capture their national identity. This 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition follows on from the recent Brazilian Edition, which used unique Amburana Brazilian hardwood casks.


Shochu is the hidden gem of Japanese spirits and is consumed more than Sake domestically. Japanese Shochu is crafted from “Mugi”, the Japanese for barley. It is fermented using the traditional Koji fermentation process before it is distilled in a pot still. It is then matured in traditional Japanese oak casks. The result a distinct light, yet exotic fruity spirit unique to Japan.


The 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition is crafted from a recipe of corn and malted barley.  It is initially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels for eleven years, followed by a secondary maturation in ex- Mugi Shochu Japanese Spirit casks for four years. It is bottled at 46%, with no chill filtration to capture all its natural identity and full intensity of flavour.

Nose – Candied apples, lychee and jasmine tea, alongside a coating of mellow vanilla sweetness, fruit pastries and spice.

Palate – Burst of lychee and passion fruit with poached pears, gingerbread cookies and golden syrup.

Finish – Sweet mellow finish with soft wood tannins, dried fruits and refreshing crisp after taste.

46% abv

This limited-edition release comes adorned with intricate Japanese-inspired artwork on the tube and label. This is to reflect the fusion of cultures embodied in the whiskey.