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20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.
20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.

Pittyvaich 1989 Special Release 2019 29yo 700ml

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1989 Ghost, Double Matured in Pedro Ximenez & Oloroso Seasoned Casks

A unique expression with real depth of flavour and character of a ‘ghost’ malt from a closed distillery, this is the only double-matured Pittyvaich ever released.

Pittyvaich A ‘ghost’ or closed distillery that worked only 18 years, before falling victim to industry consolidation in 1993, Pittyvaich has now vanished. Its dwindling stock is as rarely sighted today as the shy capercaillie found in Scottish pineforests.

This small batch of 1989 Pittyvaich is the first release double matured in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso seasoned casks. These have brought an exotic, rich, fruity depth to the light, golden aromas and flavours of the distillery character.

The aroma is mellow yet shy, with delicate fruitiness and dried flowers, beneath which lies a note of buttery sponge. The texture is ultra-smooth, the taste rich with the dried fruit sweetness of golden sultanas. It becomes spicy with gunpowder tea and is drying overall. The long, smooth finish closes in a shake of powdered ginger.

Pittyvaich is often described as rare – it was only open for 19 years and closed back in 1993. This is the third Special Release from the distillery since 2015, ‘double-matured’ in oloroso and Pedro-Ximénez-seasoned casks. A complex and rewarding palate of citrus, malt, caramel, orange and buttery pastry.


2019 Special Release