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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Peddlers Shanghai Craft Gin 750ml

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Peddlers Gin is China’s first craft gin. Peddlers use hand picked ingredients and distill them in small batches in a copper pot still.

Local Ingredients: Peddlers use eleven botanicals from China, the West and across the Far East, to give our gin a uniquely Chinese flavor profile.

East Asian Mint - Xinjiang Almonds - Buddha's Hands - Sichuan Pepper - Juniper Berries - Cubed Berries - Lotus Flower - Liquorice - Angelica - Chinese Cassia - Coriander Seeds

Natural and Organic: Peddlers use a London Dry method, which means no additives or artificial flavors are added after distillation. All the flavors you are tasting are from natural ingredients in the distillation process.

Method: Peddlers use a traditional copper pot Alembic still that ensures a crisp, clean taste and perfectly balanced palate.

Vapor Infused Peddlers is double distilled, with a vapor infusion of the delicate Chinese botanicals. This ensures each individual botanical is captured to produce a complex, unique flavor.

Nose: Powerful earthy notes, supported by aromatic east Asian mint and strongly scented Buddha’s Hand. A faint floral ending of Sichuan pepper.

Palate: Resinous juniper immediately on the tongue, with earthy flavors of angelica, cinnamon and liquorice. This is followed by citrus and pepper notes filling the mouth. Mellowing into warmer honey tastes of coriander seeds and Xinjiang almonds.

Finish: Gentle oils from juniper, coriander and almonds eventually give way to a pleasant, lingering warm mouthfeel from mala spice and cubeb berries, leaving you awaiting the next sip.