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Ink Sloe & Berry Gin 700ml

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Ink Sloe & Berry Gin is created by Husk Distillers, following the classic English recipe, which is a thicker gin liqueur with a rounded tart finish, but with a Husk Distillers twist. Along with juniper berries, the distillers add the star botanicals in Ink gin such as coriander seed, angelica root, liquorice and locally grown jaboticaba plums. 

A slow infusion and reduction takes place to the distilled gin. The distillers stir the pot with TLC for about two months. Australian grown raspberries, blueberries and Davidson plums influence the flavour of the Ink Sloe & Berry Gin but it is the native rosella flower, which is a type of hibiscus and is the main star of deepening the rich red colour of the gin.

Husk Distillers are known for their 100% organic floral infusions which means the colour will fade over time. Such a delicious gin should not be left standing on the shelf gathering dust but should be shared among and enjoyed with friends, family, gin lovers and non-gin lovers. 

Red fruits and rosella flower notes on the nose. On the palate, red berries followed by plums, cherry, pomegranate notes with a rounded tart finish.

Distilled at the traditional Sloe Gin strength of 26% alcohol, Ink Sloe & Berry is a lower-alcohol option for those who want to drink less and enjoy more. Perfect for sipping on the rocks, with tonic or in a cocktail. 

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 26%

Country: Australia