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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Imagination Wakame Seaweed Dry Gin 700ml

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IMAGINATION GIN sought the guidance of New Zealand seaweed expert Lea Bramley and trialled several different seaweeds before
deciding on wakame for the distinctive salt and umami
flavours it brings. The wakame has been wild foraged from
the waters of the Wairarapa and Wellington coasts.
Wakame arrived in New Zealand coastal waters on the hulls of ships and thrives here. It is of course a delicious culinary ingredient with many positive health benefits.

The initial aroma is juniper forward, fresh and sweet. On the palate you first get the refreshingness of the citrus before fading to reveal the juniper. A noticeable sweetness then appears giving way to a sweet salt finish. Overall, this
classic dry gin with a contemporary twist transports you to the coast and that unforgettable feeling that sun and salt and waves breaking over the rocks creates.

Old skool maritime tattoo by Steve Malley of Steve Malley Tattoos, Christchurch. Love that foiling sailing ship.