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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Herradura Anejo Tequila 700ml

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The Añejo is barrel-aged for two years in oak which, in typical Herradura fashion, is double the amount of time required by law at this level of quality. Deliciously, darkly amber-lit, it dispenses enticing aromas of blue agave, nuts and spices over a smooth and sensual palate that sings its notes of pear, cinnamon, vanilla and caramel. Sip slowly, amigo. This has won a distinguished platinum at the Spirits International Prestige (SIP) awards.

Alcohol content: 40%

Region - Mexico

"Aged for two years before it's deemed ready for the world.

Deliberately smooth with cooked agave and notes of toasted oak and dried fruit.

Dark amber that hints at its warmth and oaked aging.

Creamy, melts across your tongue.

Cooked Agave blended with spice and floral notes."