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20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.
20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.

Gold Bar Whiskey California Cask 50ml Miniature

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Award-winning Gold Bar Blended American Whiskey finished in California Casks is wine barrel finished in French Oak from the idylls Napa Valley with a mash bill of Three quality grain: Rye, Corn and Barley.

Finished in the Golden State Gold Bar Whiskey is matured outside, by the sea, in the San Francisco Bay.

Outstandingly smooth and versatile, the result is a unique modern expression on a traditional American Blend.

As a symbol of good luck and prosperity, a solid brass coin is pressed into the front of each bottle of Premium Gold Bar. The front of the Gold Bar Whiskey bottle includes a solid brass collector’s grade “Lady of Fortune” coin pressed into the glass. The coin may also be removed from the bottle to pass on good luck and prosperity. Each GOLD BAR bottle is individually numbered with its unique bottle number, blend number and bottle lot displayed on the three foil stamped labels.

Illustrated by a renowned American artist, the signature removable ' Lady of Fortune ' coin is individually minted at America's Oldest private mint.

Each uniquely numbered bottle is a true work of art.

Appearance: Clean and clear, golden amber, beeswax / honey.
Aroma: Herbaceous with spicy notes of clove and cardamom. Slightly sweet, with notes of vanilla, rye, honey and apple.
Palate: Starts with spice and apples with fresh citrus balanced off with honey. Light-bodied and gentle.
Finish: Smooth and balanced with no roughness or bitterness.

Created from a selected blend of Premium American whiskies.

Mash bill : 88% corn, 9% Rye, 3% Barley.