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20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.
20,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2017 - Here is what some of us customers are saying.

Drinks by the Dram - Classic-y Gin Set – 200ml

44.5% ABV – 4 x 50ml

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Bringing you a whole host of small batch gins from the world’s most creative minds, brands and distillers’ collection of styles and flavours that allow consumers to explore our most popular gins! Gins desired by you perfect for trailing, gifting or just adventurous experimentation.

4 x 50ml Gins

7 Continents Gin: 

made in collaboration with World Gin Day organiser Emma Stokes aka Gin Monkey, has been made using a single ingredient from each continent – European Juniper, Australian Coriander Seed, North American Angelica Root, Asian Cinnamon, African Liquorice Root and South American Lime Zest. The final distilled gin has been ‘lifted’ and mellowed with the addition of a tiny amount of Antarctic* sea salt.

The bold and light salinity of the gin lends itself to an olive-garnished Martini, from clean to dirty, or even filthy! And, of course, a Red Snapper. When it comes to tonic, Fever-Tree Mediterranean makes a great choice.

*Harvested from waters from currents originating in the Antarctic Ocean.

Proper Pink Gin:

Before we go any further, we love fruit-y gins. Delicious-y juicy stuff that just screams summer, parties and summer parties. We’ve created a few fruit-y, kinda pink-y looking gins in our time, take Rhubarb Gin, Cherry Gin and Strawberry & Balsamico. But, we didn’t call them “Pink Gin” because… well, that wouldn’t make them proper!

Almost all pink gins available nowadays are actually flavoured gins using berries, rose petals or other pink-y things to make their gin pink. They might taste delicious-y but, the good people should definitely be informed that these pink gins are not proper.

Monastic Gin:

Time travelling gin - what next? Let That Boutique-y Gin Company transport you back in time, through the medium of gin, to 11th Century Ireland and a monastic garden. At this time, distilling had just arrived and numerous herbs and plants were grown. There’s no citrus or Far Eastern spices in this gin; instead, quince, rosehip, and bletted medlars join classic gin botanicals such as juniper.

Moonshot Gin:

Every gram of the botanicals used to make this gin was sent into near-space (over 24km) and exposed to an air pressure of less than 1/100th of that at sea level! That's seriously low. In fact, if you were to find yourself above just 18km, also known as Armstong's limit (where the pressure has already dropped to around 6.3 kPa or 1/16th of that at sea level), then the fluids in your body would vaporise!

Juniper, Coriander, Camomile Flowers, Fresh Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Dried Bitter Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cubeb Pepper, Liquorice Root and Angelica were used. Oh, and Moon Rock. Obviously. Once they returned to earth, we vacuum distilled them at room temperature (at a pressure nearer 1/10th of that at sea level, in case you were wondering) for freshness and elegance.