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Clairin Vaval Single Village Rum 700ml

Single Traditional Pot Rum

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Clairin Vaval Single Village Rum is a Haitian sugarcane spirit, distilled in a small pot (batch) still with a small artisanal column in the village of Cavaillon, Haiti. A big, bold white rum showing excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness, with notes of raspberry, strawberry, dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruits.

Cavaillon is three hours drive from Port au Prince on the way to Cayes, in the south region, and close to splendid beaches of Aquin. After the bridge of the village and the animated small market, a dirt road arrives to Arawaks distillery of Fritz Vaval. It was founded after the war by Fritz’s father Danois Vaval and today possess 20 hectares of the sugar cane variety called Madame Meuze, grown without the additions of fertilizers or artificial pesticides.

The cane is transported by donkeys and pressed in a small mill. Fermentation lasts around 3-5 days and is carried out using natural yeasts without adding water or artificial substances. Distillation occurs using steam from an ancient boiler of bagasse to power the home-made pot still.

The Arawaks distillery was given its name by Fritz’s father in honour of the Arawaks, the original Caribbeans that populated the south of the island before colonists arrived.