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Clairin Sajous Single Village Rum 700ml

Single Traditional Pot Rum

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Clairin Sajous Single Village Rum is a Haitian sugarcane spirit, double distilled at the Chelo distillery in the village of St Michel de l’Attalaye. A pure, fruity and herbaceous white rum with hints of mint and tangerine.

Distillery Chelo at St Michel de l’Attalaye is located about 100 kilometres north of Port au Prince, on the central plateau at an altitude of 450 metres in a magnificent natural enclave surrounded by mountains.

Third generation of the family Sajous, Michel Sajous, built the small distillery in 2004, located in the middle of a 30 hectare plantation growing different varieties of sugar cane among which is the rediscovered Cristalline. After harvest by hand, the canes are transported to the distillery with the help of mules with two loaded bags each.

Fermentation takes place using wild yeasts, and lasts between 5-7 days. The distillation is made from a small traditional pot still and then heated in a small artisanal column to achieve the required strength.

Clairin Sajous is unanimously considered one of the greatest expressions of rum from a bygone era.