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New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.
New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.

Citadelle Original Gin Gift Pack 700ml

Limited Edition

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A lovely Gin Gift Pack that consists of one bottle of Citadelle Original Gin 700ml and a stylish premium balloon G&T cocktail glass. Perfect gift or treat for gin lovers for all ocassions! 

Citadelle Original Gin is a French premium award winning gin that was first released in the late 80s. Originally developed in a Dunkirk distillery in the late 18th Century when  Dunkirk was one of the earliest European ports for explorers of the Orient. These explorers brought back herbs and spices from the Far East. This influenced and led to the making of a fabulous gin which has 19 different botanicals including Moroccan Coriander, French Juniper, Mexican Orange Peel and Chinese Liquorice.

Simple herbaceous notes of juniper and anise, followed by spicy cinnamon on the nose. On the palate, crisp delivery of juniper and citrus. Medium length and tangy finish. Beautifully balanced. 

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 44%

Country: France