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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Bushmills Black Bush Blended Irish Whiskey 700ml

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Alcohol content : 40%

A very popular Irish Whiskey, especially north of the border. Its popularity is not surprising as its high malt content and well aged components make it a superb drop. Soft and peaty on the nose, full and smooth on the palate with a fine sherry background and sweetish spice on the finish. 

Distilled and aged in Co. Antrim this is a blend consisting of 75% malt and 25% grain whiskies, the high proportion of the flavoursome malt in the blend gives it weight and richness. The malt used is triple distilled and soft, being given extra smoothness by aging for 8 years in oak casks. The grain spirit used is smoothed by long barrel age, a portion of this being made with unmalted barley. The whiskey was diluted to 40% abv before bottling.