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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us Since 2018 - Shop our Weekly Specials Here
15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Black Collar Spiced Pineapple Rum 700ml

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The ultimate sipping rum with a wooden label!

Ripe, juicy pineapples slowly roasted over a bed of red hot coconut charcoal then infused into our award winning Black Collar Rum & barrel rested.

People may have wondered why a Distillery would be accepting delivery of boxes and boxes of pineapples. However, we were ready and waiting to start our most exciting and innovative project to date… spiced pineapple rum.

We got on the phone and dragged our good friend Barbecue BOI over to help us slow roast a mountain of pineapples over a bed of red hot coconut charcoal in Pit Barrels. As far as we’re concerned, this is the best way to intensify the pineapple hit and make it unique to our rum – old school low and slow with full flavour.

Infusing the rum with the pineapples delivered a unique flavour combination, which we repeated many times over to perfect the flavour to exactly what we were looking for. We then put it back into our oak barrels to age, rest up and develop further for that full bodied Black Collar flavour.

To celebrate our first limited edition Black Collar rum, we chose a slightly different material for our label - wood. Yes, you read that right, wood. We’re the first in NZ to print this way and we’re really happy with the result. Each label has a slightly different woodgrain to reflect the handcrafted nature of our Black Collar products.