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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Ballin' Drinks Honey Malt Old Fashioned 500ml

Ready to drink Cocktail - RICH, HERBACEOUS & SMOKEY

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The Honey Malt Old Fashioned is fresh and vibrant play on the classic Old Fashioned.

Ballin include oolong tea & taiheke hops to build a rich smoke and bitterness to the profile, balanced with honeyed malt. The Honey Malt Old-Fashioned is the ideal late night sipper or after dinner treat!

To serve, pour 60ml straight from the fridge/freezer into a chilled rocks glass over block ice, feel free to add a little orange zest or leave it naked …

8 x Old Fashioned's Per Bottle

Ingredients: Oolong Scotch - Bourbon - Honeyed Malt - Taiheke Hops

ABV: 31.1%
STYLE: Over Ice Pour