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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here

Archers Peach 700ml

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Alcohol content : 17 %

Archers Schnapps is first-class, worldwide, present-day fruit schnapps. It merges the overall taste of peaches and is enclosed in a stylish pale frosted bottle. The overall attributes of archers peach schnapps are of the highest quality and you will certainly appreciate its taste, aroma and quality. It was originated in England. It is considered to be a very lucid, sugary, peach-flavoured drink with an extremely characteristic peach perfume. The overall calorie content is pegged at 72g per oz serving that is considered to be very ideal for diet conscious drinkers. On the other hand, it would give 301kj energy that is also very good for drinkers without any doubt. Archers peach schnapps can be easily served with cakes, different types of sauces, pies and even diverse ice creams. The overall taste would be extremely delectable and appetizing as well.