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New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.
New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.

Starward Whisky Negroni Whisky Cocktail 500ml

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Pre-mixed bottled cocktails that serves 10 bar quality serves

An untouchable classic with a contemporary twist. We balance our award-winning whisky with carefully considered vermouth and liqueur. A Negroni is a faithful on the late-night, dimly lit bar scene. Now with our pre-batched Whisky Negroni, you can bring all that mixologist inventiveness to wherever you please.

Traditionally an Italian aperitif, ours is a distinctly Australian twist on a classic. We start with our bold, Melbourne-made whisky, aged in Australian red wine barrels. With its big, fruity flavour, Starward whisky was always crafted to sing in a cocktail.

For our mixologists, only the finest ingredients will do. We sought out trusted local producers for our sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur.

Discerning patience paid off. Whisky Negroni is balanced yet bold. You’re hit with herbal orangey aromas before juicy orange and sour cherry floods your palate.

Simply serve with ice and an orange peel. It’s a perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks alongside antipasti. Bringing a cocktail over for dinner? Undoubtedly a popular power move.

Tasting notes
Nose - Maraschino cherries, bright orange citrus, anise and a herbal twist
Palate - Juicy orange flesh, lemon rind, sour cherry, and cassia bark
Finish - Long and drying with hints of Jaffa chocolate and orange zest