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15,000+ Kiwis Love Us - Shop our Weekly Specials Here
Thomson " First Twenty " Eight Pm Exclusive Single Cask Whisky Release

Thomson " First Twenty " Eight Pm Exclusive Single Cask Whisky Release

It gives us great pleasure to present 3 outstanding Single Cask Whiskies from Thomson Whisky.

Eight Pm Owner Ash Parmar and his family are celebrating 20 years of living in New Zealand.

So we have partnered with our friends at Thomson Whisky to release 3 terrific single cask whiskies to mark this major milestone.

All 3 whiskies are aged in small 50lt French Oak Octaves.

They are 3 very different whiskies all are made with New Zealand Grown Barley but have different flavors and smells because of different malts used.

All are 5 Year old and bottled at there natural color and cask strength, just the way ash enjoys his whiskies

1. South Island Peat + Manuka Smoked Barley - 57.7% abv - 59 Bottle Release
2. Manuka Smoked Barley - 57.5% abv - 38 Bottle Release
3. South Island Peat Smoked Barley - 56.2% abv - 57 Bottle Release

These 3 particular octaves were chose by Ash Parmar from the samples Mat Thomson had sent him.

Plan initially was to just release one cask but ash fell in love additional 2 samples so 3 were chosen for bottling.

This is a rare opportunity to try 3 Thomson Whiskies at 5 Years Old but also at Cask Strength.

Ash & his family are deeply thankful to Mat & Rachael Thomson owners of Thomson Whisky for this historic release.

" First Twenty " is a very special release for Ash's family and we are looking forward to sharing it with friends and family around New Zealand.

 $5 from each bottle will go to Movember 

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